2018-2019 Rover Ruckus

Our Robot

This is our team’s third year participating in FTC. This year, our robot, the Autonomouse, does a lot. It starts attached to the lander and then lowers itself for for a landing bonus. The Autonomouse then uses computer vision to detect the gold mineral and complete the sampling task. It claims the depot using our team marker, the pirate Unikitty, and then uses Vuforia navigation to drive to the crater and park. During tele-op we focus on getting minerals from the crater into the lander using our “Wonder Arm.” During end game we go back to the lander and lift ourselves back up for a hanging bonus.


Qualifier #1: North Branch Area Middle School, December 1st, 2018
— Inspire Award Winner
— Stratasys Award Finalist
— Promote Award Finalist
— Control Award Finalist
— PTC Design Award Finalist
— Rockwell Collins Innovative Design Award Finalist

Qualifier #2: Burnsville High School, January 20th, 2018
— Rockwell Collins Innovative Design Award Winner
— Stratasys Award Finalist
— Connect Award Finalist
— Think Award Finalist

State Championship: Washington Technology Magnet School, February 8th-9th, 2017
— Ranked 15th in division after qualifying rounds
— Control Award Winner