Team History

Spartan Robotics began as a class in 2016 as part of Saint Paul Academy and Summit School’s new Computer Science and Engineering department. As part of our class requirements, each student spends well over twenty hours out of class working on the robot and outreach combined.

Two years ago, in our rookie year, Spartan Robotics was very successful. Our team received the Think Award and the Rockwell Collins Innovative Design Award during separate 2016-2017 regional FTC competitions. After being on the winning alliance our first regional tournament we qualified for the state meet, where we placed 5th in our division with a final regular play record of 4-1. This success led to a raging interest in robotics at our small school. It was so popular that last year we expanded to two teams (#11117 and #12660). Spartan Robotics Team 11117 won the Rockwell Collins Innovate Award and the Promote Award at our qualifier last year.

Last year we were able to progress even further with the completion of a large new math and science building at our school. We also worked this year to differentiate ourselves more from the other St. Paul Academy team — whereas two years ago the teams were designed to be equal in level, last year team 11117 was the team with those who were dedicated to spending extra time on robotics and outreach, and came up with all-new branding. With new resources, space, funding, and opportunities we have been able to put all of our efforts into the tournament.

This year,