3D Printing Videos

In the past, we used Blender for 3D printing and CAD, but now we prefer Autodesk Fusion 360. STL files for the following parts are available here:

    • Our intake box – “Discount Box” (used in Rover Ruckus)
    • Electronics Pins – used to hold electronics in the robot for easy removal
    • Encoder Adapter – see below
    • Motorola G2/G3 Phone Mount – see below
    • Motor Controller Cable Guide – see below
    • PDM Cable Guide – see below

Encoder adapter to use the cheaper US Digital E4T encoders with Tetrix motors rather than the more expensive ones direct from Tetrix. The encoders are avalible at https://www.usdigital.com/products/e4t and the part number for the ones we used was E4T-360-236-S-H-D-B.
Cable guide for Modern Robotics Servo and DC motor controllers. Used to keep USB cables connected to avoid mid game disconnection.
Phone Mount for Motorola G2 and G3 phones with retention hinge.
Video explanation of how to assemble and use phone mount for Motorola G2 and G3.