Meet the Team

Arjay J.

10th grade, 2nd year on team

Some of my hobbies include video games, baseball, and logic puzzles. I am looking forward to the stacking aspect of the competition this year because it will involve a lot of really cool design aspects and hopefully a really cool output.

Dante G.

10th grade, 2nd year on team

I joined the team because I wanted to continue learning from last year and see what else robotics can offer, and I enjoyed solving the problems that we encounter. I also wanted to keep spending time with people I met from last year. This is my second year doing FTC, last year I was on Team 12660 and this year I’m on Team 11117, and I do not have any other robotics experience, except for building things in Elementary and Middle School. My favorite memory from last year was taking out all of the stripped screws we had, even though it was annoying to remove them, I learned a lot from it and looking back it was fun. Outside of robotics I enjoy playing soccer and playing the drums.

Evan B.

12th grade, 2nd year on team

Hi I’m Evan, I have been on the robotics team for 2 years now. I also have taken AP computer science principles and AP programming. I have done the advanced technology project class for 2 semesters and did an independent study in computational thinking. I had wanted to take robotics since freshman year due to it just being a fun computer sciency thing to do, but i only had the scheduled space to do so starting junior year. My favorite part of robotics last year was working on the computer vision code for our robot.  Outside of school I like to play video games and read books.

Henry C.

12th grade, 4th year on team

Freshman year I was thinking how do I build stuff and at the time the only class for that was competition robotics, so I signed up for it and had a lot of fun. Other than FTC, I have absolutely zero experience in robotics. Last year, my favorite moment of the team was when during judging where Lyle started talking and then trailed off into “uh, uh, uh, oh god”. Outside of robotics I like making jokes as a startup standup comedian. I also like my friends.

John H.

11th grade, 3rd year on team

I joined the robotics team because I really enjoy working with all of the cool technologies and being creative with them. I love the team environment and the competitive but friendly environment that tournaments bring. have been on team #11117 for three years now and I participated in FLL for three years as well. One of my favorite memories from last year would have to be when we put googly eyes on the intake system of our robot and we were recognized by AndyMark. Outside of robotics I really enjoy doing photography/filmmaking and ultimate frisbee.

Lyle M.

11th grade, 2nd year on team

I joined robotics to apply my coding skills and make connections with other people with similar interests. This will be my second year on the SPA robotics team. Some of my favorite parts of the last season include the inside jokes we had as a team and the ways that the team came together. I also enjoy programming outside of robotics, playing video games, and hanging out with friends.

Michael M.

11th grade, 2nd year on team

I joined robotics because engineering has always interested me, even when I did not have a lot of experience. Outside of school I had always had an interest in cars and robotics seemed like a logical step in pursuing that through school. That not most of what I do in on our team but I still learn about the stuff I’m interested in while. Last year I was on the more rookie of the two teams, and I had a similar role to what I do now. I enjoyed last quite a bit particularly helping the middle schoolers and lower schoolers in different campuses. I enjoy helping people and that felt like I was leaving an impact on people. Outside of school I do cross country, track and I play with my dogs.

Miranda B.

11th grade, 3rd year on team

I did FLL in 4th and 5th grade in elementary school and decided to continue after seeing an FTC demo by our team, and it’s continued to be a big part of my life. I specialize in wiring and making cables for our robot, as well as our team’s branding. I also made a frog robot that could hop last year, which was a lot of fun. Some of my favorite times from last season come from our out-of-class work hours, where we generally have more fun and get a lot done. Outside of robotics, I like to play tennis, video games, and learn Japanese.

Noel A.

11th grade, 3rd year on team

I started robotics in 8th grade with FLL. This experience inspired me to join FTC during my Freshman year. I have participated in Relic Recovery and Rover Ruckus. One of my favorite memories is when Gabriel a former captain of our team, and I coded the entire Tele-Op fifteen minutes before our first scrimmage.

Tobi P.

11th grade, 3rd year on team

I first joined FLL because I thought it would be fun and had nothing better to do on Sunday afternoons, also I thought engineering would be fun. After the first year, my dad was the coach and I liked the competitions and seeing our robot work.